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Sat – Sun from 10.00 to 22.00

Minsk, Oktyabrskaya str., 16
First floor of Moby-Dick gym
Pershamajskaya metro station


Price for electric kick scooters rent (BYN)
30 min1 hour+ 1 hour1 day+ 1 day1 week+ 1 week
Kugoo S31015103525155135
Price for giro-scooters, electric skate and scooter rent (BYN)
30 min1 hour+ 1 hour1 day+ 1 day1 week+ 1 week
Giro scooters51052520115105
Electric skate1520104535245205
Electric scooter2030256050320280

Electric vehicles – nowadays it’s a new trend! In our rental shop, you can find out what it is.

The city streets are full of electric kick scooters cause they are in top and a must-have of this summer! However, you don’t need to buy a new one while it’s quite pricy. In our electric scooter rental you can rent an electric kick scooter or giro-scooter to follow the move.

Electric scooters for rent are much cheaper than to buy a new one so that you can discover how comfortable, practical and useful it is. Rent electric scooter to enjoy your time or maybe even do your job not worrying about traffic jam and rush hours.

If you think that electric bikes are for lazy ones, then stick to a classic option – our bicycles! The only thing left is to decide whether to take a citymountain or road bike for yourself!

You can also rent a longboard or kick scooter for a short and long-term in our rental.

Giro scooters

Electric kick scooters

Elecric skate

Electro scooters

Rental conditions

  • A client must be older than 18 years.
  • A client bears full responsibility after signing a rental agreement.
  • A client must leave an ID (passport) and a deposit (50 BYN) to rent an electro scooter.
  • A client must pay a full price for the rent upfront. In case of a late return, a client must pay a corresponding penalty for a late delivery.
  • In case if an electro scooter is lost, stolen or damaged, a client must pay its full market cost or repair cost in full.
  • ATTENTION! It’s strictly PROHIBITED to ride electric vehicles when raining or in water/ponds as it might lead to its failure.


The electro scooters are not insured, so in case of an accident, the client bears full responsibility for the damage applied to himself, to the electro scooters, other people and objects.

In case the electro scooters or accessories to it are stolen, lost or broken the client must reimburse their full market price or the price of repair works. However, we recommend not to leave the electro scooters unattended, even secured, in the streets at night.