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Mountain Bikes for Rent

Price for mountain bikes rent (BYN)
1 hour+ 1 hour1 day+ 1 day1 week+ 1 week1 month+ 1 month
Mountain Disc102221811575300150
Price for hybrid bikes rent (BYN)
1 hour+ 1 hour1 day+ 1 day1 week+ 1 week1 month+ 1 month
Hybrid Disc102221811575300150

Mountain bikes for rent in Minsk – it’s always a great idea as today a healthy lifestyle is as popular as never! If you want to ride with a wind along a bike road going through the entire city and close to our City Bike bike rental, then rent a mountain bike and go for it!

You’ll find various models of mountain bikes of standard and premium class, with comfortable support, soft shock absorbers, multi-gear system, reliable disk brakes both for men and women.

And if you prefer classics – then take a city bike for rent, maybe you’re a single-speed fan – then we’ve got a road bike for you!

You can rent a bicycle for a few hours or entire day, or maybe for a week, month or even all summer long! What can be better than riding a bike on a warm and sunny day! We’ve got special offers for a long-term rent. The more days, the cheaper you rent a bike!

You can also rent a longboard or kick scooter for a short and long term in our rental.

Mountain bikes

Mountain bikes Disc

Hybrid bikes

Hybrid bikes Disc

Rent of additional equipment

Price for rent (BYN)
1 day + 1 day 1 week + 1 week 1 month + 1 month
Helmet 4 2 16 10 45 25
Lock 2 1 8 7 30 20
Kids seat 8 4 30 15 70 35
Light 2 1 8 7 30 20
Rooftop rack 10 5 30 20 80 65
Kids seat
Rooftop bike rack

Rental conditions

  • A client must be older than 18 years.
  • A client bears full responsibility after signing a bike rent agreement.
  • A client must leave an ID (passport) to rent a bike.
  • A client must leave a deposit (50 BYN) for a bike with market cost over 500 BYN.
  • A client must pay a full price for the rent upfront. In case of a late return, a client must pay a corresponding penalty for a late delivery.
  • In case if a bike is lost, stolen or damaged, a client must pay its full market cost or repair cost in full.


The bikes are not insured, so in case of an accident, the client bears full responsibility for the damage applied to himself, to the bike, other people and objects.

In case the bike or accessories to it are stolen, lost or broken the client must reimburse their full market price or the price of repair works. However, we recommend not to leave the bike unattended, even secured, in the streets at night.